Ski Safari 2 Apk

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ski safari 2 apk 

Ski Safari 2 Apk Download

Ski Safari 2 Apk its the game’s most famous, funny, fantastic and family skiing is back and better than ever!

Play Sven’s sister, Evana, share the action in multiplayer mode, performs impressive new tricks on skis and snowboards, riding on incredible new animals and watch the avalanche!

ski safari 2 apk

the previous update was for halloween but now the christmas is here.

Ski safari 2 – minister to a courageous girl go down the steepest hills of the world in this area the order of skis or snowboard. Do the most extraordinary actions and entire sum bonuses. Evan, the main heroine of this game for Android, goes around speaking an amazing journey through the most odd ski slopes. She can go by the side of not just the high snow-capped mountains, but attempt tracks in the jungle or in the canyon. Help the heroine flee from an avalanche or streams of molten lava. Unlock optional accretion tracks and get skis, snowboards, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and new equipment.

Game features:

Amazing tracks
Different equipment
Funny companions
Play subsequent to than connections

Run and take on the forces of nature as penguins, yetis, mammoths and others bring their personal talents to help him escape down the mountain! The renovated system lets you perform tricks around 360 ° back, and nose-grabs methods, among others. Each animal has different skills to practice tricks, how many variations can you find?

The new competition mode lets you play in a group of up to four friends to go head to head via WiFi or Bluetooth and strive to be the king (or queen) of the mountain! Race to collect rings or compete to overcome the challenges before the others. Earn upgrades to flip the screen of your friends, throw snowballs at them or take off giant penguin pocket.

The peaks penguins are being renewed at the mammoth style. Thaw a remnant of a lost era for additional speed improvements that will stop at nothing! Also you find a cable car system ideal for construction grind (and maybe you get that little bit of extra air to perform multiple back to back that you’ve been planning).

Ski Safari 2 apk download

In the original snowy hillside all know and love have appeared two new areas to explore:

the latest level added to Ski Safari 2 Apk is the Halloween update


Welcome to Jurassic Park. Without snow there is no avalanche, right? It was said that everything would be without snow boring, but the animals have a plan for our bold dinomita stars! A Jurassic jungle full of prehistoric colleagues, as the pterodactyl, the woolly mammoth and Ankylosaurus baby.

Race against the “Lavalanche” and slide down the vines or just free yourself and perform acrobatics while dodging molten lava pits, rocks and stalactites.


If you think avalanches and volcanic eruptions are too extreme, perhaps the gentle ebb and flow of tumbleweeds fit more your style. But they do not call it the canyon of Tornado for their abandoned underground mines. It is impossible for Sven and Evana rest a moment, right?

Here you will find a diverse set of villains, including the sheriff yeti, the penguin leader and an armadillo, that will help you escape the tornado. Riding in a van with a penguin, turned back on the road with an armadillo, grinda along the telegraph wire or let the yeti touch the piano for you while avoiding the road barriers and rocks and, if still do not seem enough challenges, the terrain is wild and untamed!

Have you ever heard a yeti singing in the shower? Play Ski Safari 2, then you can mark the task as completed in your list!

Category : Free Arcade game

Latest Version :

Publish Date : December 07 2015

Download in google play

Requirements: Android 4.0+

Author: Sleepy Z Studios

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