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Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie Apk Android

The DEAD TARGET: Zombie Apk starts the history in 2040 when the World War III happened, However CS betrayed the nation and threaten to trigger an outbreak of zombies if the president does not follow his order. The age of destruction begins.

Destroy zombies with different weapons. Stop the spread of the terrible virus in this Android game. Complete deadly mission in different parts of the city. Shoot bloodthirsty monsters from a sniper rifle,   or other weapons. Shoot quickly, and don’t let the zombies get close to you. Get rewards for completing missions and buy new weapons and equipment for different characters.

Game features:
Great graphics
Great sound
Many missions
Great weapon variety

Bane of the country is getting closer when CS infected an entire city to show they are serious. A special commando team was hired to lead the first line and collect information before the army can open the Counter Strike – Apocalypse operation. Too bad it all went wrong, and the agent M is the only survivor of the route. Beware of space around the undead expected a hero. Human destiny can face the great exodus to find safe ground now in hand.

DEAD TARGET Zombie APK Gameplay

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DEAD TARGET Zombie APK is a game where you can:
– Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures
– Enjoy realistic sound effects and music
– Bring death smash zombies are chasing you.
– Be a murderer to kill the zombies in style with epic weapon system
– Upgrade your gear to cope with the upcoming zombie waves
– Time 3D shooting experience as a hunter of zombies
– Complete all missions achievements and compete with your friends
– Enjoy the nerves at the highest level to address different types of zombies
– Interact with the environment to defend its position and stay alive

DEAD TARGET Zombie APK  it`s Free and fun
– Target Dead: Zombie is a free game where huge wave of zombies coming at you like tsunami.
– Enjoy the feeling of killing large assault of zombies who push you.
– Choose your way to destroy all the zombies: target the heads, cut the tip and crush as little worm with Nova Granada.
– New content updated regularly

epic effect
– 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the zombie infection
– Ragdoll implemented to achieve the upper epic feeling never
– Weapons have different sound effects to represent their real life versions
– Several Surround to create the best immersive gameplay

– The zombies come in many shapes and capacities

– Some zombies can be extremely dangerous virus that can attack sufferers in range.
– Sometimes shot in the head is not the best way, think like a sniper attack before deciding

weapons and gadgets
– Multiple types of weapons presented (rifle, shotgun, machine, grenade launchers)
– Keep the classification up to unlock the deadliest weapons and to be true murderer
– Explore modern combat through various heavy weapons.
– You can easily get several weapons without agriculture.

Quest, achievements
– Complete missions to rank and unlock coolest items
– Shooting both zombie as possible to the latest adventure of one. Process is recorded as a journal.
– Weird achievements are always the highest paid

Positions table
– Compare your progress with friends, get more of them to get a head
– Connect to Google+ and Facebook to share what they have done
– Get to the top of your list of friends and other global players

1000 battles on various maps
– Zombies prevent escape and dash to the safe lane.
– Zombies clear to hospital for treatment research
– Stop zombies from entering the underground network and spread over the city and the village
– Defend a first line that got raped
– Investigate a prison where it is called hell on earth, where no plant can live.

Download DEAD TARGET Zombie APK

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